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Near Rowe House Chatham Place, London, E9 6NN

Hackney London Borough - Homerton Ward


Reported 28/01/2020 12:15
Completed No
Visible to public Yes
Category Graffiti
Status Open
Job Code 1689098

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28/01/2020 Graffiti on the side of barbrook house
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28/01/2020 Piles of rubbish left on the street from the flats at 6a/6b Hillstowe street. This is a regular occurrence and although often bad, usually flares up every month or so. There is a mixture of household rubbish spilling out of bins and onto the pavement. This is a hazard for people trying to walk past and animals are now starting to tear into the bags spilling the contents across the street.
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28/01/2020 Neighbours leave rubbish outside house every single day on street. Attracting rats. Big continual problem. Could someone have a word?
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28/01/2020 Fly tipping
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28/01/2020 Mattress
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28/01/2020 Flytipping needs clearing.
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27/01/2020 What happened to the rubbish bin next to the bus stop in Rectory Road (TfL bus stop L Rectory Road Downs Road towards Hackney Central) ? This has been removed for a few weeks now and not been replaced so there is nowhere nearby where dispose of litter. Why has this been removed? This is a busy bus stop specially in the morning with lot of commuters. Not having a bin will make streets dirtier than normal and let more people dropping their rubbish over the little wall looking at ‘The Beckers’ est
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27/01/2020 christmas tree has been blocking parking space for 10 days
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27/01/2020 Flytipping on estate
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27/01/2020 Estate agent sign and Christmas tree put at top of street signs at junction of Lavell Street and Winston Road and stickers put on pole that has Christmas tree image 1
In progress
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27/01/2020 Rubbish dumped outside flats on the corner of Church Crescent and Groombridge Road at the weekend. Animals have been dragging the contents across the street.
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27/01/2020 Residents leave their open domestic garbage by the playground bin - please help, they do this daily.
Report is complete
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27/01/2020 White goods (fridge and dishwasher) left in street with suitcases and rubbish. Also some construction rubbish.
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27/01/2020 Dog fouling at the entrance of Shoreditch Park Primary school.
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